Using the Student Work folders

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Can students access the folders from home?

Yes - and they have exactly the same permissions using the Home Access system as they would in school. They'll need to go to, log in with their network username and password and click 'My Files'.

See the 'Home access to files' FAQ for more details.

Can students edit or delete work they've handed in?

Yes, but only files that they have uploaded from their account. If you don't want students to be able to edit the files, you'll need to move them out into another folder (e.g. your own home folder).

Can students view other students' handed-in work?

No, they can only view their own. If you need your students to be able to view each others' work for a specific reason, contact IT and we'll get it sorted.

How can I get students to collect work?

Place it in your departmental folder under 'Collect work to do'. Students will have to copy the file into their own home folder to edit it (in school), or download the file via Home Access (from home).

How do students hand in work?

Get students to upload it to the appropriate folder under 'Hand in completed work'. They can simply drag-drop into the folder in school, or use Home Access to upload it into the folder from home.

What access do students and staff have to the various folders?

  • Collect work to do - Staff: read/write; Students: read only
  • Hand-in completed work - Staff: read/write; Students: write only (can read and edit their own files only)
  • Collaborate on work - All users: read/write
  • Photographs - Staff: read/write; Students: read only