Printing and scanning

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How do I print on A3 paper?

The only generally-accessible printers capable of printing in A3 are the photocopiers.
If you print an A3 size document to the copiers it should print in A3 automatically. If you want to enlarge an A4 document to A3, do the following.

Click 'Printer Properties' when printing your document.

Click the 'Paper' tab, check the 'Print On...' checkbox & the 'Fit to Print Size' checkbox, and then select 'A3' from the right-hand drop-down list.

How do I print on fancy paper or card?

Not all printers can successfully print on fancy/specialised paper or card, particularly in colour. Ask the IT department for advice if you're unsure.

You will need to open the front bypass tray (or the right-side bypass tray on the photocopiers) and load the special paper before sending the job. Send the job and the printer should automatically use the bypass tray.

Test with one sheet before performing a whole print run, just in case the print smudges or is otherwise unusable!

How do I print to the photocopiers?

Open the print dialog box as you would normally ('File' > 'Print' in most applications), select one of the copiers, and then click the 'Printer Properties' button.

Click 'Details...', enter your photocopier code in the 'User ID' field and then click 'OK'.

Click the 'Valid Access' tab and enter your photocopier code again in the 'User Code' field. You can then click 'OK' to close the dialog box and print your document as normal.

This process is the same for the mono and colour copiers.

How do I scan using the photocopiers?

Scanning only works reliably from the two mono photocopiers. Any scans will be in colour regardless of which machine you use.

Tap the 'Scanner' button to start. If you don't see this screen, press the 'Home' button above and to the left of the touchscreen.

Tap the 'Folder' tab, then find and tap your name in the list. You will probably have to use the arrow buttons on the right-hand side to scroll down the list. When you've selected your name, press the 'Start' button on the copier, as you do for copying.

The scanned documents will be placed in a sub-folder called 'Scanned Documents' in your main 'My Documents' folder.

I can't print to the copiers from Google Chrome, what do I need to do?

Google Chrome has a slightly different method of handling printing to other programs.
This works perfectly well for all printers except the copiers, where you need to enter your user code to print.

In order to do so, click 'Print using system dialog...' at the bottom of the left-hand pane that appears after clicking 'Print'.

The standard dialog, from where you can enter your code and print as normal, will then appear.

I don't have a photocopier code, what do I do?

Contact the helpdesk, and we'll get you set up with one. In the interim, ask your head of department and they should allow you to use theirs.

My printer says 'toner low' or some variation, what do I do?

Many printers will say that the toner cartridge is low or nearly empty long before it actually runs out (this is a marketing ploy to get you to buy more toner!).

When the printer refuses to print anything or the print quality becomes poor, contact the helpdesk and we will replace the toner cartridge.

The colour copier won't let me copy in colour, what do I do?

When copying, select 'Auto Colour Select' not 'Full Colour'.