Phone system

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From which phones can I get an outside line?

The following phones can get an outside line in order to place external calls.

  • Finance office (all)
  • Main office (all)
  • Heads of House (all)
  • Staff room & workroom
  • C4
  • Departmental offices (English, DT, Music, PE, Science)
  • All SLG offices

How do I transfer calls, set up do-not-disturb or use other advanced features?

Please click here for a guide to using the more advanced features of your phone, including voicemail, call transfer and do-not-disturb.

Note: These features will only work if you have a digital phone - one that says 'NEC' on it and has an LCD.

Where is the current phone extension list kept?

On the Staff Shared area, under 'Office lists 2013/2014' - it's called 'Current phone extension list <month> <year>.xlsx'.

Alternatively, click here to download the most recent copy.

Why can't I get an outside line, even from a phone that has the ability to do so?

The school has a limited number of external phone lines (8 in total), if all are in use, no more external calls can be placed. You will need to wait and try again.