SIMS (incl. Learning Gateway)

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How can I attach documents to a student's record?

Load the student's record in SIMS, and click 'Linked Documents' in the 'Links' menu on the far right. You may need to click the green double-arrow button to show this menu (see below).

Click 'New' and then 'General Document'.

Enter a name and a description for your document, then click the button indicated below to browse for and upload your file.

Click 'OK' and close any previous dialog boxes.

How can I enter marksheet or report data via SIMS Learning Gateway?

Log in to SIMS LG by going to If you've forgotten your username or password, contact the helpdesk.

Click 'Marksheet page' in the left-hand column under 'SIMS LEARNING GATEWAY', then simply click 'Search' in order to display all your marksheets, or enter a search term in the 'Template Name' box first in order to search for something specific.

Click on the marksheet you want to edit to display it - you can now input and edit data as you would in standard SIMS.

How can I print class lists with other info (e.g. SEN status)?

In SIMS, go to Reports > Student list > Class list.

In the dialog that pops up, select the class(es) you're interested in - it's probably easier to click 'Uncheck All' at the right, and then tick the boxes for the classes you want afterwards. Then click 'OK'.

On the right hand side of the class list screen, change the bottom drop-down box to 'Additional Information' (there are other groups containing different fields, but this is the one you'll probably want most).

You can then drag-and-drop the fields you want onto the class list. They will appear after a few moments' delay as the system recalculates.
You can then print the class list as you would any other.

How do I assign tutor groups to new tutors?

There is a guide to this process available here. Please note that you will need specific SIMS permissions in order to perform this task.

How do I change my SIMS password?

When logging into SIMS, under the 'Username' and 'Password' fields there is a checkbox: 'Change password'.

Check it, and log in as normal - you'll be prompted to enter your old password again, and a new password (twice, for confirmation).

How do I enter a student for detention?

Open the student's details, go to the 'Links' section on the right-hand side and click 'Behaviour Management'.

Next to section '3 - Behaviour', click 'New'.

Click the arrow next to the 'Type' field, and select the type of the behaviour incident. It must be a type that has a 'D - ' prefix, indicating that the incident triggered a detention.

Enter the status of the incident as appropriate, and then click the 'Detention' button. You will be asked to save the student conduct information - click 'Yes.

It is very important that you click 'Detention' and follow through with the process, otherwise the student will not actually be entered for detention!

On the 'Add Detention' screen, click 'Search'. Then click the 'Detention Date' header to sort the list of detentions in date order. Click the detention record for the current date (detentions are given for the same day other than in exceptional circumstances), which should now be at the top of the list.

Do not click 'New', as that will create a completely separate detention reigster - not what you want to do!

In the pane below, simply click 'Save' and then 'OK'.

The student has now successfully been entered for detention.

How do I import marksheets back in to SIMS?

Click here for a guide to importing marksheet data.

I can't import marksheets into SIMS, what do I do?

You'll need to make a small configuration change to SIMS.
Click the 'Tools' menu, and navigate to 'Setups' > 'User options'.

In section 4, change the 'Display' dropdown to 'SIMS default'. Then click 'Save' in the top left.

You should now be able to import marksheets.

I'm covering another class, how do I take their register?

Go to your own register screen by clicking 'Take Register' in the top toolbar.

Click the binoculars icon next to your name.

Search for the teacher you're covering and double-click the relevant period in the list to bring up the register. You can now take the register as normal.

One of my tutees' parents doesn't have a Learning Gateway account, what can I do?

Ideally, the parent should email the school directly (call or email the office) in order to request a SIMS LG username and password. This allows us to make sure the details go to the right place.

If this isn't possible for some reason, please contact the helpdesk with the student's name and the details of the parent who needs their details (name if possible) and we shall arrange for the details to be sent home.

When generating Individual Reports, I see tags or other strange things in the output, what do I do?

Did you edit the Word template? If so, simply reopen the Word template, make no changes and click 'Save' again. Then ensure to Save the Individual Report in SIMS before re-running it.

Due to how SIMS interacts with Word's own templating system, when making any changes to the template, you must save it twice to avoid problems.

Why do I get an error 0 when logging in to SIMS?

'SIMS Connection failed for Login ... reason: 0', as shown below, is SIMS' cryptic and entirely unhelpful way of telling you that it doesn't recognise your username.

Check that you've entered your username correctly. SIMS usernames are 'backwards' compared to network usernames - Joe Bloggs would have 'bloggsj' for instance. In some cases, your SIMS username is your entire surname and entire first name - 'bloggsjoe'. If you can't remember, contact the Helpdesk and we'll get you sorted.