IT room control and management

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How do I launch the classroom monitoring tool (Impero)?

To launch Impero, our classroom computer monitoring and control tool, go to 'Start' > 'All Programs' > 'Impero' > 'Impero Console'.

How do I view all student screens at once?

To view all student screens at once, click the 'Live Thumbnails' tab at the bottom of the computer list.

Impero is asking for a password, what is it?

For security purposes, we only give out the Impero password over the phone or in person. Call us or pop into the IT office and we'll happily divulge it.

What can I do with Impero?

Impero can do a lot more than allow you to monitor students' screens and block Internet access.

Please read pages 11-38 of the Impero manual to learn more about what it can do for you. Some other useful tips and ideas are covered in the Teachers' Tips guide.