Home access to files

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Can students use the Home Access system?

Absolutely! They follow exactly the same process as staff, logging in with their network username and password.

How do I download files to edit them?

Once you've found the file you want to edit, right click it and select 'Download'.

You'll get a pop-up message like the one below.

Click 'OK' and you'll be asked where you want to save the file. Navigate to a location of your choice and click 'Save'. When you've finished editing the file locally, remember to upload it again (see below).

How do I get access to my files from home?

You'll need to go to files.standhigh.net, and log in with your school network username and password.

Click on 'My Files' as highlighted below.

Click to select the drive you wish to open; the letters correspond to those used in school (H is your home folder/My Documents, T is the Staff area and W is the student work area.)

You will then need to double click to navigate through folders to find the file(s) you need. Actions you can take with a file (cut, copy, paste, download) are displayed along a bar at the top. You can also double click on a file to download or view it.

How do I upload new or edited files?

Navigate to the folder where you want the file to be uploaded to, and then click the 'Upload' button in the top menu bar.

You'll get a pop-up message like the one below. You will either get a 'Choose Files' or 'Browse' button depending on which web browser you use. Click it.

You will be presented with a file browser dialog - find the file you wish to upload and click 'Open'. Then click 'Upload' on the pop-up message.

What areas can I access from home?

Students have access to their My Documents and the student work area. Permissions work the same as they do in school (i.e. they can only read the 'collect' folder, and can only drop files into the 'hand-in' folder).

Staff have access to their My Documents, the staff shared area and the student work area. Once again permissions behave the same as in school.

Governors have access to a governors-only shared folder. Governors who are not employed by the school in another capacity will have access to this area only.