Email and calendars

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Can I get access to mail and calendars on my smartphone?

Yes, you can!
You'll need to follow the procedure specific to your device, as there are far too many variations to cover here.
It is likely that the initial 'autodiscover' setup will fail - this is normal. You will be prompted to enter some additional information, which is given below.


If you are not asked for a domain and the setup still fails, try entering your username as 'STANDHIGH\username'.

N.B. You cannot get access to the School Calendar on mobile devices at present - only your personal calendar.

Can I view the school calendar from home?

How do I access emails from outside school?

Go to and log in with your school network username and password. The interface is similar to in-school Outlook. When you're done, make sure to click 'Log out' in the top right hand corner.

How do I access the school calendar or exams calendar?

Click here for a screenshot-based guide to setting up access to the calendars.

To access the Exams calendar, ensure that you select 'Exams Calendar' as opposed to 'School Calendar' during step 4 of the process.

How do I create personal contact groups?

In Outlook, click 'Contacts' in the left-hand pane.

Click 'New Contact Group' in the top left.

A new window will open - type a name for the new contact group as shown below, then click 'Add Members'. You will get a menu with three options - which one you want depends on what you're doing (see below).

If you want to add a school email address to the group
Click 'From Address Book' in the menu to bring up the standard school address book. Double click the names you want to add them to the list, then click 'OK'.

If you want to add one of your personal Outlook contacts to the group
Click 'From Outlook Contacts' in the menu, and then follow the same procedure as above.

If you want to add a new email address to the group
Click 'New Email Contact', fill in their name and email address in the dialog box and then click 'OK'.

When you've added all the contacts you want, click 'Save and Close' in the top left-hand corner of the contact group window.

How do I set up an out-of-office autoresponder?

To set up an auto-reply/autoresponder, open Outlook, go to File and click Automatic Replies.

Click Send automatic replies, and, if you want, check the Only send during this time range box and enter the dates you wish to send replies on.

Enter your message in the text box - you may want to click Outside My Organisation and enter a message there as well, which will be sent to people outside school (e.g. parents) who email you.

When you're done, click OK.

To turn off auto-replies, come back to this screen, select the Do not send automatic replies button and then click OK.

I received a strange email with just links in it, what do I do?

Such emails almost certainly link to malware, or other unsavoury content. Please simply delete the email.

If you receive many of these emails, or are at all unsure about whether an email is legitimate or not, please contact the Helpdesk.

My mailbox is full or nearly full, what do I do?

If your mailbox is approaching 2 GB in size, Outlook will start to warn you that you need to shrink it. If it goes over 2 GB, you will not be able to send or receive mail until you've brought it below the limit. This limit exists in order to keep the mail server running smoothly and prevent slowdown.

Try the following things in order to reduce your mailbox size:

  • Empty your 'Deleted Items' folder
  • Delete emails from years ago that you no longer need
  • Delete emails (sent or received) with attachments, particularly if they are large image or video files

To empty your 'Deleted Items' folder, right click it in the left-hand pane and select 'Empty Folder'.

Why is Outlook telling me I can't send this attachment?

There are two main reasons why Outlook would stop you sending a file: the file is either too big (over 12 MB), or an executable (program) file, neither of which should really be sent by email!