Booking rooms

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How do I access the room booking system and book a room?

Room bookings are now handled by the same system you use to access your files from home: Home Access Plus.

Click here for a guide to making bookings.

How do I delete a booking I've made?

To delete a booking, hover over it in the timetable (as if you were making a new booking), and click the 'Remove' link in the top right-hand corner.

How do I make a permanent booking?

Permanent bookings will need to be discussed with Tanya Kirk (who handles timetabling) as they will also need to go on the regular SIMS timetable. Once that side of things has been approved, send an email to the Helpdesk, specifying the week, period and room and we will update the booking system.

Where can I view an overview of upcoming room availability?

To see what rooms are available to book over the coming month, click the 'Overview' button in the top right hand corner.

You'll see a popup like the one below, a smaller version of the main booking sheet. Hover over each square to see what room and period it represents - blue squares are booked, white squares are free for booking.

To go to a particular date, click the underlined date next to the timetable, then close the 'Overview Calendar' using the 'X' in the top right.

Which rooms can be booked?

The rooms available to book through the booking system are:

  • A1 (IT room)
  • A2 (IT room)
  • H1 (IT room)
  • Main Hall
  • Tavener Room
  • C-block meeting room (NB: for meetings/exams only)

Science staff can also book the Science department laptops as they would a normal room.